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Bourque's Turtle Sauce Piquante

Posted by Logan Bergeron on 10/2/2017 to Recipes
This delicious traditional recipe for sauce piquante, or red gravy, was created by our current president, Lester Bourque, and published in the local newspaper 40 years ago. It's a simple recipe, making use of only a few different ingredients, and you should be able to find most of them at your local market.

Serves 10-12 people.

Let's start with the ingredients:
5 lb - dressed turtle meat
5 cups - medium grain white rice
8 oz - tomato sauce
8 oz - chopped mushrooms
12 oz - mushroom steak sauce
2 oz - Worcestershire sauce
3 - medium onions, chopped
1 - bell pepper, chopped
1 - clove of garlic, diced
1 stick - margarine

To taste - salt, black pepper, red pepper, and garlic powder

You'll want to begin by steaming the pre-seasoned turtle meat in a covered pot until it is semi-brown. Once it's browned, remove the turtle meat from the pot and pour the stock into a separate container. Set these aside. Add the margarine, onions, bell pepper, and garlic to the pot, and saute over a medium heat until the onions are translucent. Once that is done, return the turtle meat and reserved stock to the pot, and add the rest of your ingredients. Cook for 1 hour over a medium heat, stirring ocassionally. After the hour is up, taste the sauce piquante and add necessary seasoning (salt, pepper, etc.) before serving over white rice.

Have you tried this recipe? Please let us know, we'd love to hear about it!